• 4000+ Simulations
  • 145+ Countries
  • 20+ Years Experience
  • With more than 4.000 simulations in over 145 countries, ENVI-MET distinguishes from other models through its innovative and holistic approach, offering an integrated simulation of the environmental system that turns your green thinking into crisp numerical values.


ENVI-MET is a multidisciplinary simulation consultancy with a core services portfolio including architecture, building physics and microclimate; landscape architecture and garden design; it also includes urban planning and climate change adaption and human comfort and health.

Passionate and driven by the desire to understand and simulate our environment as a holistic organism, the founders of ENVI-MET have the vision

to prove the beneficial effects of architectural designs, Green and Blue technologies and landscape architecture for the outdoor climate through objective scientific methods. Working worldwide for academic, civic, residential and commercial property clients our clients’ needs for sustainability and aspirations to build green designs are the foundation of our approach and the services we provide.


Over the years, we have solved many distinctive and challenging commercial and academic projects for our customers. Here you can find a selection of the projects we were and are currently involved worldwide.

Besides our general business, we support Pro bono projects, as we know that Nonprofit and official organizations seek support in multiple areas and benefit from expert knowledge. By delivering innovative solutions around the scope of ENVI-MET´s simulation capacities we support local initiatives and organizations in their effort to create a sustainable and comfortable environment especially off the track of high-budget ventures.




  • New Greenbelt Duisburg: Reduction of airborne particles
    (Stadt Duisburg, DE)
  • Climate change mitigation study for Kiel, Germany
    (Helmholtz-Zentrum Hamburg, DE)
  • Pollutant reduction through green structures at B224 road, Essen
    (Stadt Essen, DE)
  • Thermal comfort study, Mainz
    (Stadt Mainz, DE)
  • Windcomfort for townhall square redesign
    (Stadt Lüdenscheid, DE)
  • Degradation of NOx through photocatalytic reactions
    (Dyckerhoff AG, Wiesbaden; Saint-Gobain Weber GmbH, DE)
  • NOx reduction through photocatyltic surfaces in Bottrop
    (STEAG Powerminerals, Dinslaken, DE)
  • Consulting new quartier Bayernkaserne Munich
    (Werner Sobek Green Technologies, Stuttgart, DE)
  • Microclimate impact of building forms
    (Ed. Züblin AG, Stuttgart, DE)
  • Consulting wind comfort criteria
    (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure VDI, Düsseldorf, DE)
  • Project Mentoring Pollutant Dispersion at highways
    (Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen BaSt, Bonn, DE)
  • Coupling of ENVI-met with larger scale model MUKLIMO_3
    (Deutscher Wetterdienst, Offenbach. DE)


  • Lectures in Microclimate and Architecture
    (AA School of London, Architectural Association, GB)
  • Dubai Crystal: Microclimate simulations, Dubai, VEA
    (Dubai Properties, Dubai)
  • Heart of Europe: Microclimate simulations, Dubai, VEA
    (Kleindienst Properties, Dubai)
  • West Kowloon Cultural District: Thermal comfort of outdoor spaces, Hongkong, China
    (OMA, Rotterdam)
  • Sydney CBD: Microclimate and thermal comfort assessment
    (Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne)
  • Melbourne: Effect of rooftop greening on urban microclimate
    (Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne)
  • Eastown Cairo: Microclimate simulations and outdoor thermal comfort assessment, Egypt
    (OMA, Rotterdam)
  • Nice Pole Intermodal: Microclimate simulations and thermal stress mitigation, Nice, France
    (Mateo Architects, VEOLIA 2EL, Paris)
  • Rethink Athens: Redesigning the center of Athens: Bioclimatic study
    (OKRA Landscape Architects, Utrecht, NL)
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We believe that sharing our knowledge both on a commercial and a voluntary basis is the key to truly innovative and sustainable work. We love to listen to your ideas and visions whoever and wherever you may be and take your point of view back into our labs in order to broaden the scope of our model and services.

In the world of today, no one is an expert in everything and there are many different facets to be seen in the same objects. Therefore we are proud to we cooperate in an active network with local and international partners in industry, education, consulting and research such as Fraunhofer Institute, AA School, Werner Sobek Group and Boku Wien to name just a few who stimulate and challenge our and their ideas for the simulation approaches of tomorrow.


Michael Bruse, Prof. Dr. | Director Innovations & Products
Michael Bruse, Prof. Dr
Director Innovations & Products
Michael Bruse, Prof. Dr. | Director Innovations & Products

Michael Bruse, Prof. Dr Director Innovations & Products

Michael Bruse contributes over 20 years of executive level experience in simulating outdoor microclimates. He is co-founder, partner and Director Innovations & Products of ENVI-MET and in this position oversees the technical output of the company whilst also taking creative lead.

Michael is main designer of the ENVI-met Software since 1993 and full professor for Geography at the University of Mainz. He incorporates innovative simulation solutions into projects, creating the best solutions for innovative architectural designs and landscape visions.

Since 2007, he is also Partner of Werner Sobek GreenTechnologies realising major lead projects in sustainable design worldwide.

Daniela Bruse | CEO
Daniela Bruse
Daniela Bruse | CEO

Daniela Bruse CEO

As co-founder, partner and chief executive officer at ENVI-MET, Daniela Bruse is responsible for providing executive leadership to the Company and managing its growth. Originally from Croatia she leads the team by being on hand to make any important decision whilst continuing to focus on business strategy and development.

She brings to the company more than 15 years´ diverse project management and leadership experience, and a strong specific competency in communications and networking.

ENVI-MET is Daniela´s second entrepreneurial endeavor. Besides ENVI-MET she serves as Founder of Daniela Bruse Strategie & Kommunikation, which delivers executive coaching, strategic consulting and online reputation management.

Jan Hofmeyer | Research Software Engineer
Jan Hofmeyer
Research Software Engineer
Jan Hofmeyer | Research Software Engineer

Jan Hofmeyer Research Software Engineer

Due of his academic studies in meteorology, computer science and information management Jan Hofmeyer brings to the company a solid foundation of skills for numerical microlimate modelling.

As a Research Software Engineer he combines expertise in programming with an intricate understanding of research. Jan has had diverse experience working on academic and commercial projects. Therefore he was involved in the development of powerful search and classification technology and furthermore in design and construction of intelligent information management systems.

Daniel Seeger | Software Architect
Daniel Seeger
Software Architect
Daniel Seeger | Software Architect

Daniel Seeger Software Architect

After receiving his diploma in geography at the University of Mainz, Daniel Seeger began working on the ENVI-MET software product line. His main emphasis is planning, coordinating and maintaining current software developing projects. Being an experienced developer he’s responsible for delivering the technical infrastructure to transpose our knowledge and research results into usable software.

Specialized on 3D computer graphics, data management and –visualization, he is currently focused on 3D model creating and editing.

Helge Simon | Software Engineer and Analyst
Helge Simon
Software Engineer and Analyst
Helge Simon | Software Engineer and Analyst

Helge Simon Software Engineer and Analyst

As a Software Engineer and Analyst of microclimate simulations, Helge Simon is concerned with microclimate research, the integration of new modules and the general development of the ENVI-met model. Furthermore he performs microscale modeling of urban structures and interpretation and analysis of simulation outputs.

Helge gained his expertise during the studies of geography and meteorology at the University of Mainz, where he joined the Environmental Modelling Group of Michael Bruse, and at the Universitetet i Agder in Kristiansand, Norway

Armin Pirngruber | Senior 3D Artist
Armin Pirngruber
Senior 3D Artist
Armin Pirngruber | Senior 3D Artist

Armin Pirngruber Senior 3D Artist

Having spent most of his life with the creation of computer generated images, Armin Pirngruber quickly began to specialize in high end 3D visualizations and animations, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies. The last 15 years he shaped his skills in communication agencies and architecture offices, thus gaining strong knowledge of screen- and interface design and architecture.

With his expertise, he helps visualizing the complex workflows and system philosophy of ENVI-MET.


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As we know that internships are investments in your future, we always welcome applications for an internship. Open to all students locally and abroad, trainees are given the chance to be exposed, educated, and experienced in the different approaches, the best practices, discipline, and strategies to think outside the box and see things from a whole new perspective. 

Qualifications for an Internship

  • Bachelor’s degree in Geography, Informatics or certification in related field of study
  • Friendly, polite, organized and efficient
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Excellent computer skills (Delphi XE, OpenGL )
  • Extensive understanding of how the Internet and websites work
  • Proficiency with Social Media


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