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ENVI_MET is a holistic numerical model that allows you to simulate your microclimate environment on a wide range of computers from simple desktop system up to high performance computers. It comes in two different versions.

The limited, free TRIAL version

The advanced FULL model with 3 different license types

Getting started with free trial

To check if ENVI_MET fits your demands the trial BASIC version offers a limited domain size and notably reduced output/analysis options for trial and learning, not allowing parallel computing or commercial use.

System Requirements

Minimal System Requirements: Windows 7 or better, Dual Core Processor, 4 GB RAM

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The operating software for your research, education or business.

A revolutionary all-in-one suite to run your entire simulations. The full simulation model supports a wide range of additional analysis methods plus the support of multiple CPU cores for parallel computing.


Simulation of Nature Based
Solutions (green façades, living walls,
water elements)

Solar Access Analysis (sun hours,
shading on ground and façades)

7 nodes/ 3 layers wall and roof
model with prognostic calculation
of heat transfer

Detailed building physics (façade
and indoor temperature and energy
fluxes, microclimate at building

Single thin walls as design elements

Advanced Plant Simulation
(plant health, wind and water stress,
water usage)

Dispersion of air pollutants
including NO-NO2 ozone chemistry

Simulation of plant-based BVOC
emissions and dispersion

Water spray simulation (water
fountains, water mist cooling)

High resolution modelling of
radiative fluxes including multiple
reflections using the IVS algorithm

Licenses & Pricing

The ENVI_MET licenses are valid for one year. You will receive a license key that allows you to use the software immediately. Once the license is installed on a computer, the private key is no longer needed or stored on the computer.


For students

Single-user license
No commercial use

 290 Euro/Year*

The ENVI_MET STUDENT licence allows students to use the full-size simulation model with all features for study and research purposes. Except Parallel Computing.

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For universities and
research institutions

Multi-user license
No commercial use

 990 Euro/Year*

The ENVI_MET SCIENCE licence offers universities and research institutions the advanced full-size model with all features for research and education purposes.

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For Architects, Landscape
Architects, Urban Planners
and other professional users

Multi-user license
Commercial use

 2900 Euro/Year*

The ENVI_MET BUSINESS licence offers all features of ENVI_MET for any regular application, including commercial usage.

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*additional VAT may apply


Learn & Discover

If you want to get started check our Getting started tutorials covering all aspects of the ENVI_MET software and read the introducation book provided by us.

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