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ENVI-met´s World Tour is a journey around the world, showcasing how solutions for mitigation of climate change impact can be implemented.

Idea behind. It is important to show how to adapt to climate change worldwide because the effects have global consequences. Climate change is already causing extreme weather events such as floods and droughts, which can cause major economic losses, ecological disruption, and human suffering. By showing people how to adapt to the changing climate, it is possible to reduce the risks associated with climate change and improve the resilience of communities and ecosystems.

Analysis and vision. We answer these questions by cooperating with architects and scientists, showcasing analysis of existing urban districts in metropolitan areas all over the world, looking at the quality of life for its inhabitants and vegetation and also make suggestions on how the experience of living in these cities could be improved.

Previous stations. The ENVI-met World Tour visited Dubai, Lima, Parma and Lagos in 2022 and travelled around 29,870 kilometres. Within these World Tour stops, it was analysed how the urban structure of Dubai could be adapted for pedestrian comfort, how thermal comfort could be improved in Lima, Peru, and what strategies are useful for shading, greening and aeration in the courtyards of the Italian city of Parma, as well as the potential microclimate in part of the new coastal city of Eko Atlantic, a planned city in Lagos, Nigeria.

Next stops. In the coming months, the ENVI-met World Tour will visit cities in 5 countries on three continents. During these stops, architects and young scientists will demonstrate adaptation strategies that can make cities more resilient to extreme weather events.

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Assistant professor Morakinyo explores the potential microclimate of a part of the new coastal city Eko Atlantic, a planned city south of Victoria Island in the Nigerian state of Lagos.

United Arab Emirates

Studio 4215 examines how to adapt the city’s fabric for pedestrian comfort, while learning from the old and the new.


Urban sustainability expert Carol Torres examines ways thermal comfort could be improved in Lima.


Professor Naboni and his colleagues at University of Parma and Tal Tech, examine how courtyards are threatened by climate change, and how strategies of shading, vegetation and cross ventilation are securing local quality.


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Everyday millions of people are exposed to the changing climatic conditions in big cities

With ENVI-met, we help create more liveable cities for people, in balance with the natural environment. While sustainability is often perceived as protecting the environment at the cost of meeting people’s needs, this does not have to be the case – and we can prove it with scientifically verifiable figures.

Since its founding in 2014, ENVI-met GmbH has been committed to understanding the dynamics of local environments to enable sustainable urban design. We use ENVI-met simulations to research and quantify the effects of architecture and urban planning on the microclimate of outdoor spaces.

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