22 Mrz 2018

International Day of Forests

Yesterday, the International Day of Forests was celebrated. Forests and vegetation in general, are crucial to our existence on earth and provide us with oxygen, remove pollutants from the air and can even reduce the heat island effect, which is a common problem in urban areas. Cities worldwide develop strategies to improve their residents’ quality of life by implementing more urban green.

Our vision at ENVI_MET is to prove the beneficial effects of green architectural design for outdoor climates all over the world. For this reason, we developed a microclimate software that works with objective scientific methods for measuring and implementing sustainable actions on climate change.

Today, we would like to remind you, that taking acting in preserving our nature and creating a worth living environment for the next generations and ourselves is of the utmost importance. If we want to change our behavior and start a sustainable thinking, a reminder once a year is not enough. So, from now on, let us celebrate nature every day.