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Urban areas are home to millions of people who are exposed to the climatological conditions of their environment every day.

Our mission is to help building more livable urban areas for people and plants. Sustainability is often considered as a compromise between people’s needs and the requirements of the environment. However, we show in numbers that the contrary is true.

It is just a case of understanding the dynamics of the local environment to enable sustainable designs. We do this by investigating and quantifying the effects of architecture and urban planning on the microclimate of outdoor spaces with our ENVI-met simulation software.

Founding partner

Daniela Bruse

As co-founder, partner, and chief executive officer at ENVI-met, Daniela is responsible for providing executive leadership to the company and managing its growth. With over 20 years of project management and leadership experience, she is an expert in strategic and communication consulting.

Knowing about possible negative threats of natural or man-made events, she is driven to improve the capacity of cities to resist, adapt and recover from these impacts. By bridging the gap between the latest scientific developments of ENVI-met’s simulation software and its application to real world projects, she aims to help her clients integrate climate resilience into their design, planning and overall workflow.

Founding partner

Michael Bruse, Prof. Dr.
Director Innovations & Products

Michael Bruse became a full professor at the University of Mainz and Head of the Department of Geoinformatics in 2007. Since then he also worked as a Visiting Professor in Harvard and at the Architectural Assocication School of Architecture, London.

He contributes over 20 years of executive level experience in simulating outdoor microclimates. Michael is co-founder, partner, and Director Innovations & Products of ENVI-met and in this position oversees the technical output of the company while also taking creative lead.

Well known in the scientific world for his microclimate model ENVI-met, his range of applications includes the evaluation of urban development projects (Melbourne 2030, RE-THINK Athens) and the design of sustainable settlement structures (“Young Cities” project Iran of the FU Berlin).

Another research focus is the analysis of urban air quality, especially with regard to particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide pollution.


Michael Bruse


Helge Simon, Dr.
Head of Software Engineering

Helge has been working for the ENVI-met company since its founding in 2014. First working as a Software Engineer and Analyst he became partner and Head of Software Engineering in 2016.

His academic career started in 2012. Since then, Helge has worked as a Research Fellow in Geoinformatics / Environmental Modelling Group of Prof. Dr. Michael Bruse at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. After receiving his PhD from Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz in 2016, he earned a permanent position at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. He also worked as a Visiting Professor in Nanjing China and Sao Paulo Brazil.

His core competencies lie in the integration of new modules, increasing the computational speed and the general development of the urban microclimate model ENVI-met. The interactions between indoor and outdoor thermal comfort in complex urban areas and the impacts of climate change on urban vegetation are only two of his most recent research topics.

Helge Simon portrait

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