Explore ENVI-met’s Tailored Solutions for Different Client Groups for Urban Climate Analysis and Adaptation

Discover how ENVI-met can assist and enhance different industries and research areas through specialized client groups. Whether you are an academic institution, a company or government agency, or a student, we have designed exclusive offerings to cater to your specific needs.


ENVI-met stands out as the ultimate software companion for architects at every stage. With its unrivalled capabilities, the high-resolution 3D modeling software enables precise microclimate calculations at the square meter level and detailed simulation of the environmental impacts of building projects.

Landscape Architects

By incorporating green infrastructure into urban design, landscape architects can foster thermally comfortable urban climates in the face of global warming. ENVI-met offers advanced analysis tools that simulate the intricate interactions between plant physiology and the local microclimate.

Public Sector

ENVI-met empowers urban planners and municipalities at all design scales to develop climate-friendly cities and metropolitan areas that prioritize the well-being of their residents.


ENVI-met, as the leading simulation software, supports sustainable urban development by providing students with the tools to assess the impact of their design proposals on the urban microclimate.


ENVI-met allows students to explore and analyze every aspect of the urban climate, enabling cities to be optimally adapted to climate change.