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There are many companies that will tell you that they do what we do. But the reason the ENVI_MET software has become the leading simulation system when addressing the impact of architecture and urban planning on the microclimate system, is that it is always a few years ahead of others’ systems, setting new standards in high-resolution climate modelling.

When you work with us, we are together at the forefront of this research track. Moreover, as the designers of ENVI_MET, we can offer you a wide range of specialized and personalized simulation modules matching your individual design idea and ensuring that you get the best out of your design and project visions.

Key advantages

Advantage of more than 20 years’ experience in computer modelling and analysis

Optimised ENVI_MET software to fit specific challenges

Access to the latest research and computer technologies in microclimate modelling

Support and defence of designs in competitive situations


The numerical simulation of the microclimate dynamics in your design ideas is the core of our work. But the simulation process involves many other steps before and after the computation of numbers to make sure that the leading ideas in your designs are well represented in the computer model and their benefits are clearly emphasized.

Kick-off with our clients is always the construction of a digital model of the urban or landscape setting. This already includes interactive consulting feedback concerning the materials to be used, Green and Blue technology implementations or the general layout of the design. As the developers of the ENVI_MET model, we will also customize the model code and include innovative research results to fit the models tool box to your innovative design ideas, as required.

During and after the calculation process we provide detailed analysis of the model outcomes and together with our clients we develop strategies to elaborate the strengths of the designs and to eliminate the weak points. The results will be presented in various ways including 3D renderings, animations or in-depth numerical analysis.

At the end of the simulation process you will have made the most of your design ideas and you can provide scientifically based evidence that the outdoor space will work in the way it is intended.

Building a sustainable world for tomorrow

Your contact person

Daniela Bruse CEO


Every project has its particular requirements and we are eager to meet these challenges and to fulfill your demands. For this reason, we offer exactly fitted support for your specific needs as personal coaching one-on-one, in groups or via video conferencing.

Our training offers

Training-events in our headquarter

Our monthly training events are designed to help you get to know the software ENVI_MET or study new software applications. Each participant receives a free SCIENCE license which is valid for 2 weeks and an ENVI_MET training certificate.

At least 4 participants.

On-site in your company

Our professional instructors provide one-day-workshops for your specific requirements. Recommended for larger groups. Before the training we will together with you develop the contents of the training to fit exactly the needs of your company´s expertise.

Via video conferencing

For short-term help or specific guidance, you can use our video conference training, which is provided by the hour. As well this option is ideal for clients that are located far away. Video conferencing can be scheduled individually to match your projects progresses.