ENVI-met in China

More Chinese universities are incorporating ENVI-met into the core curriculum of architecture, especially for teaching of experimental course content. Yujin Yang, who represents ENVI-met in China as our official distributor has assisted many university teachers in improving software education at various levels. Some examples are key universities such as Chongqing University, Shenzhen University, Guangzhou University, Tongji University, Chang’an University, and Harbin Institute of Technology.

Since 2018, he has been training lecturers at Chinese universities in how to use and teach ENVI-met. Shenzhen University, which he has served as our distributor for many years, won the only first prize in the national green building competition last year by presenting a proposal on how to renovate old flats in a creative and climate-adapted way. In addition, the graduates of Shenzhen University’s degree programme have already been using the commercial software version of ENVI-met since 2020 to conduct sustainable environmental planning at their new workplace.

Alongside this, Yujin Yang also wrote the first Chinese urban microclimate tutorials in 2018 and 2019. which have been consistently developed since.

Then in 2023, he contributed to the task of writing textbooks on strategic planning for emerging areas in China. He plans to introduce sustainable tools, including ENVI-met, to more interdisciplinary researchers in the national textbook ‘Low Carbon Urban Physical Environment’. This new textbook aims to integrate low carbon concepts into the entire process of architectural education, which he believes will profoundly change the future of design education.

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