Holistic approach

There are many users wondering why simulations with ENVI-met can take quite some time or why it is not possible to start a single module by itself. As our first post back from our summer holidays, we would like to address this important topic.

The changing climate and its effects on the worlds’ inhabitants and habitats is rightfully getting more attention in society and politics. An important part of this topic is a simulation of those changes to determine how we can mitigate the threats they bear. For this purpose, a wholesome consideration of all interacting parameters is necessary, as the urban microclimate is characterized by a constant interaction between its elements such as the atmosphere, surfaces and soils, plants, buildings, and pollutant emitters.

This holistic approach is integrated in the ENVI-met software by a number of different sub models that are linked and in continuous communication with one another. It is thus possible to consider and calculate complex interactions, which would otherwise not be captured when treating the component parts individually. The price for this complexity may be the high demand of computation power as well as the resulting long calculation times, however, the results are much more accurate and a great basis to analyze and handle the changes to come.