22 Apr 2018

Earth Day 2018

Today people all around the globe will come together to celebrate the Earth Day – according to the United Nations, International Mother Earth Day is celebrated to remind each of us that the Earth and its ecosystems provide us with life and sustenance. This Day also recognizes a collective resp...
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05 Apr 2018

Ice free Arctic

Yesterday, a new study on the effects of climate change on the arctic has been published in the journal Nature Climate Change. As agreed by the contract of Paris, global warming shall not exceed 1.5 degree Celsius, which could reduce the likelihood of an ice-free Arctic summer to only 30 percent by ...
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22 Mrz 2018

International Day of Forests

Yesterday, the International Day of Forests was celebrated. Forests and vegetation in general, are crucial to our existence on earth and provide us with oxygen, remove pollutants from the air and can even reduce the heat island effect, which is a common problem in urban areas. Cities worldwide devel...
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05 Feb 2018

Portland Tree Removal

A couple of days ago, we have informed you about an interesting paper about the effects of giant sequoias on the microclimate in Portland, US. The study used ENVI-met as a computational fluid dynamics model to isolate the effects of sequoias on microclimates, and validated results by making field me...
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