20 Dez 2017

Seasons Greetings

Well, it’s been a big year here at ENVI_MET – our team has been busier than ever with our client list growing rapidly worldwide as more and more universities, cities, architects and landscape architects share our vision to understand and simulate our environment as a holistic organism. To re...
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18 Nov 2017

Reflection on COP 23

The Conference COP in Bonn is over, and the participants went back to their states and daily business leaving mixed impressions behind. A handbook on how to use the Paris agreement was the target of the conference and a huge document was developed. Like in all handbooks, it contained sections that a...
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03 Nov 2017

COP 23 in Bonn

The upcoming 23rd Conference of the Parties (COP) on Climate Change from 6th to 17th of November in Bonn pursues the goal of implementing the agreement of Paris of 2015. 195 states agreed to reduce their emissions to lower the global warming up to only 2°C until 2100, but now it is time to fulf...
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17 Okt 2017

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma was the strongest observed Atlantic tropical cyclone worldwide with up to 295 km/h since 1898 – the start of hurricane recording by the National Hurricane Center in Miami. Besides catastrophic damage in many cities, 82 deaths have been recorded, showing the unforgiveness of nature. ...
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