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We offer you a wide range of different support elements that will help you make your way through the ENVI_MET model system. In the next sections you will find basic tutorials to help you get started and advanced tutorials to sharpen your skills.

Winter Release 2018

Learn all about the new features included in our Winter Release.

Getting started guidance

Downloaded a trial version of ENVI_MET? Opening the software for the first time? Want to know how to begin? These are the videos for you.

Model Geometry

ENVI-met is based on a spatial discretization of the real world, which determines the appearance of model areas and the underlying concept in grids/voxels.

Advanced Software Tutorials

Take your ENVI_MET skills to the next level with tutorials that cover LEONARDO, ALBERO and more!


The Database Manager enables to manage properties of every element like soils, simple plants or walls etc. It contains a System Database with default materials and a User Database, whose elements can be adapted by the user.


By the use of SPACES, the user can design his own model area and creates as a result an area input file (.INX), which is needed to start a simulation. There are several tabs for creating elements like buildings, vegetation, surfaces or pollutants etc.


Vegetation is a living organism that reacts to the environment and the energy fluxes thus the energy balance is much more complicated due to the transpiration and evaporation of the leaves and the substrate. ENVI-met enables to simulate complex three-dimensional plants and with ALBERO, you can manage their properties and appearance.


ENVI-met stores its model outputs in a proprietary format that can only be read and visualized in the built-in visualization tool LEONARDO, which offers a variety of features to analyze the data. The following tutorials will help you, to visualize your results in the best possible way.