Full Forcing Manager

Learn how to define diurnal boundary conditions for various meteorological parameters over many days or months.

Model Geometry – Vegetation

Go into further detail about ENVI-met’s model geometry and learn how to modify the physical parameters of different types of vegetation.

Boundary Conditions

An overview of ENVI-met’s model structure and exploration of both the one-dimensional boundary model and the three-dimensional core model. In addition, the different available boundary conditions – open, cyclic, and simple forcing – will be explained.

Winter Release 2019

ENVI-met version 4.4.4 brings the possibility of simulating simple precipitation effects in your model area. Aswell it allows for new output options, the use of TRY weather data files, and new improvements to user functionality.

All of the main features of version 4.4.4 are covered here in this video.