Part 1/7: Headquarter

How to get ENVI-met started: Basic system overview and introduction to the Headquarter.

Part 2/7: Creating Workspace

How to organize projects on your computer when creating an ENVI-met workspace.

Part 3/7: Database Logic

Understanding the ENVI-met database logic: How different database entries are compiled in your project.

Part 4/7: Database Manager

Using the Database Manager: How to specify materials, plants, and other features, as well as database organization.

Part 5/7: Design with Spaces

First introduction to Spaces: How to set-up area input files, define vegetation and materials, and model building geometries.

Part 6/7: Simulation

Using ENVI-guide and ENVI-met: How to define model parameters, input meteorological data and run simulations.

Part 7/7: Analyse with Leonardo

Visualizing simulation output in 2-D and 3-D to reveal site-specific performance metrics.

File Structure

This tutorial summarizes which files are needed to start an ENVI-met simulation. .

Model Chain

Understand ENVI-met’s model chain and how the software is mutually dependent.

Spatial Discretization

Explanation of ENVI-met’s spatial discretization of the real world, and the resulting structure and appearance of the model area.