Unfolded Teaser

Welcome to our teaser for the upcoming series: Unfolded – a complete guide to the ENVI-met software.


Starting from the Scratch

In this video, we introduce you to the ENVI-met software, show you around the model area we will be using throughout the series, describe the database system within ENVI-met, and help you to set up a new project.

Building and Materials

In this video, we cover materials and show the different kinds of materials that ENVI-met offers. As well you get an introduction  how to create your own materials.



Building Walls

In this video, we show how walls work in the Database Manager and how to create your own walls. As well the functionality of the multiple node model is explained and how to average parameter values to simulate walls containing more than 3 materials.


Soils and Profiles

In this video we cover soils and soil profiles and show how both work in the Database Manager as well as how to create your own custom soils and profiles in ENVI-met.

We also explain all of the parameters that define soils and soil profiles.

Simple Plants

In this video we cover simple plants and show how they work in the Database Manager. In the process, we also explain the parameters that define simple plants in ENVI-met.


Façade and Roof Greening

In this video we explain façade and roof greening and show how greening profiles work in the Database Manager as well as explain the parameter values associated with both the soil/substrate layer and the vegetation layer.

Pollutions and Sources, Part I

In this video we explain how pollution and pollution source profiles work in ENVI-met. Source profiles in ENVI-met allow the user to create and analyze particulate generating sources within the model area.

Pollutions and Sources, Part II

In this second part of the Pollution and Sources feature, we explain the “Traffic Tools” portion of a pollution source profile. This feature allows the user to create a specific and accurate pollution source profile based on custom traffic patterns and vehicle pollution values.