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System Requirements

WINDOWS 7, 8/8.1 or 10 64Bit

ENVI-met can be installed on 32 Bit Systems but large models (above 200×200) probably will not work due to memory shortage

3 GB Memory and 1 CPU core for each active simulation, a lot of disk space (expect 5 GB for one 24-hrs Simulation).

ENVI-met might run in a virtualized environment, but calculate slower and will need non-standard settings.


The Winter Release usually brings new features to the system while the Summer Release is mainly dedicated to small updates and bugfixes.

Users of the Lite Version must update to the newest versions within one month. In addition, there will be “Hot Updates” available if required to those who can’t wait for the next official release.

License Conditions

The license conditions depend on the version of ENVI-met you use. You need to agree to the exact and actual license conditions when installing ENVI-met. A general overview can be seen here.

Read the Start-Up Guide

Read the brief introduction that will guide you through the first steps when using ENVI-met. To know more about the different ENVI-met modules, visit the model architecture section.

Upgrading to full BUSINESS/ SCIENCE version

The installation package found here, can be upgraded from the Lite version to the BUSINESS/ SCIENCE version with a license key (no re-install required).

All Features




Beginners Universities Architects, Landscape Architects, Urban Planners and Other Professional Users
License Type Single-User Multi-User Up to 5
Commercial Use
Model Size 50 x 50 x 40 unlimited unlimited
Full 3D Microclimate Model
Complete Software Environment
Parallel Simulation on Multiple CPU Cores
Detailed Analysis of Building Energy Parameters
Detailed Building Physics (Facade Temperatures and Energy Fluxes, Microclimate at Facade)
Roof and Facade Greening
Simulation of Blue Technologies (Water Spray, Wet Surfaces)
Full Forcing
Multi-Pollutant Dispersion with Chemistry
High-Resolution Radiation Modelling with IVS
NetCDF Outputs
Personal Support

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