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The ENVI_MET User List is a self-registering (and un-registering) mailing list operated by, Essen, Germany.

The propose of the list is to monitor the number of users using ENVI_MET and have an active communication channel to distribute bug messages, news and other urgent things that cannot wait to be read by the user incidently.

The list is stored on our company servers in Germany, Europe and will only be used for ENVI_MET related
communication. We do not sell your adresses to anyone nor we will bomb you with ads, excluding those related to ENVI_MET – and it is not likely that in average you will get more than one mail in a month.

You can change your data or sign-off any time using the links provided by your registration e-mail and any e-mail send over the ENVI_MET list server.

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Landscape Architecture and Microclimate  Landscape Architecture and Plant Health

Pollutant Dispersion  Building Energy Simulation