New colour palettes in ENVI-met

Did you know that the selection of colours in your ENVI-met maps is more than just a matter of taste?

Colours transport psychological associations, people with visual restrictions may not be able to read the colours correctly and, on top, the selection of colour ramps may generate misleading interpretations about the distribution of the underlying values.

The colour palettes of ENVI-met have been unchanged over a long time and new research about this topic has not been considered in our predefined colour palettes and ramps so far.

In the next release, a set of over forty new palettes with different colour organisations will be included in ENVI-met. These palettes are based on the work of Fabio Crameri ( They are used worldwide, last not least in the IPCC reports.

If you like to start using the new palettes today, we have added a preview download link on our download page to add the palettes to the recent ENVI-met V5.1.1.

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