Opener Expert Lesson

Expert Lesson: Rhino 3-D Plug-in, Part II

We are very happy to publish the second part of the Expert series, tutored by Antonello Di Nunzio, who developed the plugin for ENVI-met. This video explains three parts of the Grasshopper – ENVI-met workflow:

  1. There is a Grasshopper component allowing you to override building materials after writing an INX file. It works both using a curve as a selector or volumes. Only voxels which are inside curves and/or volumes will be edited.
  2. Dragonfly ENVI-met can write SIMX files and only simple forcing is supported for now. You can add other advanced settings such as soil temperatures or building temperature settings.
  3. You can run a simulation directly with Grasshopper. Dragonfly ENVI-met can also run the ENVI-met console application.