Opener Expert Lesson

New Expert series: Rhino 3-D/ Grasshopper ENVI-met Plug-in

Last year we presented the first ENVI-met Plug-in for Rhino 3-D & Grasshopper 3-D: The new Plug-in had been developed in the Ladybug Tools and enables users to convert Rhino3D designs to ENVI-met model areas and run ENVI-met simulations without directly opening the ENVI-met software.

We are very happy that the developer himself, Antonello Di Nunzio, will be our instructor in our newest Expert series “Rhino 3-D/ Grasshopper ENVI-met Plug-in”. Antonello will take you through the whole process how to use the Grasshopper Plug-in to import a model area from Rhino to ENVI-met, starting today with part I.