All about the ENVI_MET Winter release

The ENVI_MET brochure is our firm’s journal of record showing about the diverse possibilities how ENVI_MET can be used effectively within the framework of urban microclimate and landscape architecture. For a first impression, you can look at the core areas of our work or download the brochure.

PDF Format, 5,3 MB

PDF Format, 9 MB.

Plan ahead

Our latest product is a short film that gives you some impressions on how the world develops today.

More than two-thirds of humanity live in cities and the trend towards urbanization continues throughout the world. The climate conditions in cities can have a negative impact on health and quality of life: increased temperatures, high pollution, lack of sources of moisture. To preserve or shape cities, the outer space must be adapted to the needs of its citizens. Numerical simulations are the only way to play numerous variants on the computer and to determine the ideal design.

Directed by Armin Pirngruber from Creative Rise, Stuttgart.