Release ENVI-met 4.4.1

By Daniela Bruse Software Tech News

In our newest update that is expected to be released this week, we added some major changes that will simplify your workflow with the ENVI-met Suite.

One of the major updates, which was implemented by our team, is the integration of an automated updater that will check whether your version is up to date and suggest a possible update when you start the program. That way, you will always have the most current version of our always-improving programs.

With the newest version – ENVI-met 4.4.1 – there will be no more size limitations for model area outputs in LEONARDO. Only your system setup will influence the allocated memory. In your model area, you can now use telescoping combined with splitting: The lowest grid box is split into 5 subcells to get more information about the conditions close to the surface and telescoping is used to increase your model area height while at the same time saving computational time.

When creating a new Simulation File, most parameters have suggested default values we provide for you. With changing conditions and test runs of our newest program, we decided to change some of those default values: The CO2 concentration is now set to 400 ppm, the default TKE solver is now TKE_Bruse, and the default lateral boundary condition is now Simple Forcing. This should lead to fewer instabilities and bugs that some of you have reported in the forum. You will still be able to choose the old values (e.g. CO2 of 350 ppm, open LBC (though not recommended), or TKE_Mellor&Yamada) in order to compare your new simulations with your old ones.
Besides those changes, another major difference of the new ENVI-met 4.4.1 is that the Full Forcing now expects the relative humidity instead of the absolute humidity. This should simplify your workflow as most measurement data is given in relative humidity.

In addition to these major changes, we’ve implemented some minor changes and bug fixes:
Business licenses can now again edit the CPU demand when using the Advanced Mode of the ENVIguide, the ENVIguide has now a summary page before you save your simulation file, the calculation of sun hours in high latitudes was corrected, setting a new map via .SHP File Import now works correctly in MONDE, the MONDE and SPACES Cut to Area Tools have been fixed – just to name a few.