Summer release 2019

By Daniela Bruse Software Tech News

The cyclic ENVI-met summer release fixes a number of bugs and problems that occurred during the last months (see below). The most important, it introduces a new license system which allows a more flexible usage of ENVI-met licenses by providing an interactive registration and de-registration process for licenses on remote computers.

The BASIC version has been renamed to “ENVI-met LITE” and, as announced 6 months ago, now coverers a maximum model domain of 50 x 50 x 40 grids.

What’s new:

  • Increased performance due to datatype conversion of timestamps
  • Fixed stability issues: less errors (especially for several simulations running parallel on 1 PC) ? eliminated canvas draw errors
  • Bugfix Pollutants: now works correctly in parallel mode
  • Bugfix Vertical SingleWalls: They got too cold since they did not receive any shortwave radiation
  • Changed the filename structure of output files to be ordered chronologically ?
  • Added more location information to INX and EDX files for Nesting purposes of Winter release (UTM Zone, more accurate coordinates)
  • Added remote license registration on multiple PCs