Use ENVI-met throughout your planning process and analyze your project’s impacts in detail

ENVI-met is a comprehensive simulation software for accurately forecasting the impact of your projects on the microclimate in urban environments down to the square meter.

What is the impact of green and blue technologies? How do building architecture and the urban landscape shape the microclimate? How do wind, sun and precipitation contribute to thermal comfort? With various support and learning materials, we accompany you in your work to help answer these questions and more using ENVI-met.

Your Project

This series will take you through every single step and function of the software, from the setup of a work area, to the creation of a simulation, to analyzing the data from your project, and everything in between.


You want a summary of how to start your professional work with ENVI-met? Find your way here.

ENVI-met Support Center

Development thrives on exchange: Here you will find answers to questions from other users as well as feedback on how to achieve your own project goals.

Technical Documentation

Our technical documentation in English provides detailed information on the model architecture and other aspects of using the software.

ENVI-met Lite License

demo version, to explore and try

Limited domain size

Reduced output and analysis options

No parallel simulation possible

No commercial use



Here you will find answers to frequent technical questions from users about ENVI-met.

External Partner Training

Our partner C-ADAPT develops strategies for urban climate adaptation with many years of experience in analysis and simulation with ENVI-met. They offer tailor-made support and mentoring in the field of microclimate.

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