3D-Visualisation of Wind Flow Patterns

We are presenting today a new simulation visualising the tubular bells function in ENVI-met, that allows an interesting graphic representation of flow patterns in model areas.

When activating the Tubular Bells layer, wind flow patterns are visualized as tubes using the chosen data layer as the color code. In this example, lower wind speed values (e.g. blue and green) are found where obstacles like buildings and vegetation hinder the wind flow and higher wind speed values (e.g. orange and red) are found where unobstructed wind flow can take place.

In order to activate the Tubular Bells function, after extracting your 3D data and importing the ENVI-met Defaults as special layers in your model area, navigate to the Vectorlayer 3D options in the Map Table of Content. The Vectorlayer 3D options offer methods to visualize 3D flow patterns such as the Tubular Bells in this video. A right-click on “TubularBells3D Settings” activates the layer in your map. Please be aware that, depending on the size of your model area, some time might pass until the Tubular Bells are pictured. If you would like to change the tube diameter, color, number of tubes, their length, or starting point you can do so in the settings.