We are in this together

By Daniela Bruse General

These are unprecedented times which most of us have never known.

COVID-19 is spreading, and you won’t know you’re infected until you’ve already infected others. Right now, you have no immunity to prevent you from getting the disease. It’s especially lethal for older people or those with underlying conditions. This will come to communities in waves and will be a marathon, not a sprint. Officials who work 24/7 to save lives in the fight against the Corona virus can´t be thanked enough – and hopefully everyone will remember this great, selfless work later, when life will go back to normal.

Though everybody is going through a very tough time, let’s try and focus on the present, because life is a gift.
Check in on your loved ones and friends frequently. Keep informed about what is happening in your neighbourhood of your city. Give to people in need in your community: supplies for food pantries, financial donations, personal hygiene items.

Simply: let´s support one another, because we are in this together.

And please – stay safe, keep a healthy distance and remember others as well.