Winter Release 4.4.4

By Daniela Bruse Software Tech News

ENVI_MET´s winter release 4.4.4 comes with a number of enhancements and exciting new features.

New: Rain

With this release, ENVI-met can now incorporate precipitation in the simulation process, which allows higher realism especially when running long term or yearly simulations. As the precipitation data is given in accumulated values, it is equally distributed between the simulation time steps. In our first approach, precipitation influences vegetation and unsealed surfaces. Rainwater is intercepted by the vegetation depending on its three-dimensional structure and leaf area. Excess water is transported into the deeper vegetation layers until it hits the ground surface. If the ground is unsealed, the water is added to the soils water model.

New: BIO-met 2.0

Another major change we´ve implemented is the Thermal Comfort Indices postprocessing tool BIO-met, now in Version 2.0: Atmospheric parameters alone barely give an indication about the actual thermal conditions of humans. Hence biometeorological thermal comfort indices have been developed to express the thermal sensations of humans in outdoor climates. By feeding ENVI-met climate data outputs to the postprocessing tool BIO-met the user is able to calculate three-dimensional thermal comfort indices such as PMV/PPD (Predicted mean vote), PET (Physiological Equivalent Temperature), UTCI (Universal Thermal Climate Index) and SET (Standard Effective Temperature).

In its newest version, BIO-met 2.0 features parallel processing, making it much faster to calculate the desired thermal comfort index for large model areas.

In addition to these major changes, we’ve implemented some minor changes and bug fixes:

netCDF is now fully integrated as a possible output format of ENVI-met and users can export microclimatic building envelope data to feed Building Performance Simulations such as TRNSYS – just to name a few.

How to get the newest release….

If you have ENVI-met installed, you just need to open the Headquarter to launch the automatic update process. You can also download the new release from our website.

Please note: In order to keep your registration settings, the new release must be installed in the same folder as the previous version.