Winter release: ENVI-met V4.4

By Daniela Bruse Software Tech News

We are thrilled to announce the winter release of ENVI-met 4.4, ready to run on your desktops and servers.
This new release is a game-changer for our company, and we think you’re going to be very pleased with the innovations that will come with it.

Developing urban green spaces is one of the most important principles for adapting to the climate of the future. However, for these adaptation strategies to be effective, the consequences of different measures need to be evaluated.

In order to fulfil this need, the Winter Release 2018/2019 focuses on the implementation of Wall & Roof Greening with the new Green Façade module. This module grants the ability to simulate green wall and roof performances as a solution to sustainable urban development for the very first time.
Besides this new module in the field of green architecture, we developed the new editor MONDE and enhanced the possibility to provide user generated boundary conditions for various meteorological parameter by adding Full Forcing to our model.

Finally, there is now the option to convert ENVI-met Outputs to NetCDF and from the 6th December to use an ENVI-met plugin for Grasshopper that has been developed in the Ladybug Tools.