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Annual license. No additional fees. Download of all software updates. Technical support.

ENVI-met Business

For Architects, Landscape Architects, Urban Planners and other Professionals

Full-size simulation model, including BIO-met.
Up to 5 PCs within one location.

Customers with a Business license will receive professional support services.

Licensed for commercial use

2.900 €*

*VAT excluded (where applicable)

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ENVI-met Science & BIO-met

For universities

Full-size simulation model, includes BIO-met. Volume license

No commercial use

1.188 €*

*VAT excluded (where applicable)

Science & BIO-met Application

ENVI-met Student

For graduate and PhD projects

Full-size simulation model without parallel computing, includes BIO-met.
Personal license for 2 PCs.

No commercial use

Proof of enrolment mandatory

290 €*

*VAT excluded (where applicable)

Student Application

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Feature List

ENVI-met Lite

For learning and exploration

Limited domain size and reduced output/analysis options. No parallel computing, excludes BIO-met.

Single user for testing purposes

No commercial use

Free software

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Plugin for SketchUp

SketchUp is a 3D modeling software for a wide range of drawing applications for architectural or landscape architectural designs.

The open-source plugin for ENVI-met integration offers the option to write 2.5D ENVI-met models. It is compatible with SketchUp Pro 2019 and SketchUp Pro 2020.


Plugin for Grashopper & Rhino

Dragonfly Legacy is an open-source plugin for Grashopper to model large-scale climate phenomena and is made by Ladybug Tools LLC.

The open-source plugin for ENVI-met integration consists of components to write/read 3D ENVI-met models and run simulations. It is compatible with Grasshopper for Rhinoceros 6.


Plugin for Morpho

An open-source plugin for Grasshopper and Dynamo to write 2.5D ENVI-met models and run simulations.

It is compatible with Grasshopper for Rhinoceros 6 and Dynamo for Revit 2020/2021


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What is ENVI-met?

ENVI-met is a holistic microclimate model, in which all the different elements of an urban or landscape setting interact which each other.

The model’s calculation modules span over a wide range of different scientific disciplines -from fluid dynamics and thermodynamics, to plant physiology and soil science.

It is the guiding principle of ENVI-met philosophy to integrate all of these different approaches into a single model, so that all elements can interact with each other and reproduce the synergies we observe in reality. This holistic approach makes ENVI-met different to other modelling platforms for environmental simulation purposes. There are many models which calculate the air flow between buildings or the solar input on facades, but there are very few that see the whole environment as a single system and consider the multitude of processes that take place between elements.


What is BIO-met?

BIO-met is a post-processing tool to calculate human thermal comfort indices based on simulation data. It directly interacts with the ENVI-met output and lets users set the physical parameters of a person within the model domain to determine the Thermal Comfort Index and a range of other calculations.

It is important to understand that a proper Thermal Comfort Index can only be calculated if the microclimate data it is based on is correct. First a valid ENVI-met simulation output is needed, followed by the calculation of Thermal Comfort.

A brief introduction and guide on how to use BIO-met can be found here: BIO-met Quick-Start.


What is the difference between the Student and Science License?

The ENVI-met Science license offers universities and research institutions the advanced full-size model with all the features, intended only for research and education purposes. It cannot be used for any projects with external funding aiming to generate financial gain or based on funding generally available to the free commercial market.

The Student license reflects our commitment to education and allows individuals to install ENVI-met on up to 2 computers, does not include parallel computing. The maximum usage is one year and cannot be renewed. In order to buy the Student license, a proof of enrolment needs to be sent to


Annual or perpetual license? Can I buy for more than one year?

An ENVI-met license lasts for a duration of 12 months, purchasing for a shorter time period is not available. A discounted price can be applied to multi-year license purchases, beginning with the 2nd year, with the possibility of up to 5 years. Please contact for additional information.


After purchasing ENVI-met – how do I get started?

You will receive a download guide and electronic license key that allows you immediate use of the software within the next 2 workdays.


After purchasing ENVI-met – which technical support will be offered?

Business License:

  • For support, customers can reach us via email (Mon-Thu 8-6 p.m./Fr 8-3 p.m. CET) – our team will provide technical services in a timely and efficient fashion.
  • Access to a comprehensive, constantly growing knowledge database

Science/Student License:


What are the minimum system requirements to run ENVI-met?

The performance mainly depends on the CPU clock speed and the number of CPU cores. Small RAM capacity (less than 4GB) increase the simulation time of larger model areas (larger than 200 x 200 x 30 grids), so a 64bit CPU and operating system is highly recommended. The performance of the simulation does not depend on the graphics card since all calculations are performed by the CPU.

Minimum system requirements:
CPU: Intel Pentium D or AMD Athlon 64 X2
OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
VIDEO CARD: no specific requirements
FREE DISK SPACE: more than 5 GB

Recommended system requirements:
CPU: modern 6 or 8 core CPU, Intel i5-8400 –
Ryzen 5 1600X or better
RAM: 16 GB
OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 (64bit)
VIDEO CARD: no specific requirements
FREE DISK SPACE: more than 30 GB

High end setup:
CPU: modern 16 or more core CPU,
Intel i9-7960 – Ryzen Threadipper 2990WX or better
RAM: 64 GB
OS: Windows 10 (64bit)
VIDEO CARD: no specific requirements
FREE DISK SPACE: more than 100 GB





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