Calculate the microclimate of a city down to the square metre

ENVI-met software allows you to create sustainable living conditions in a constantly changing environment. With the support of its interactive modules, it is possible to specify surface types and building materials, as well as vegetation on walls and roofs, to scientifically analyze the impacts of design measures on the local environment and help mitigate factors such as urban heat stress.

The software model is used worldwide for environmental analysis and urban planning – from the tropics to polar regions. The software’s potential has been validated and its calculations verified in over 3,000 scientific publications and independent studies.

ENVI-met V5

You can update an existing ENVI-met system by installing the new version in the same folder as the old version. If you have a valid licence key, you do not need to register again. Due to the extensive changes, we recommend installing ENVI-met V5 in a new folder. In this case, you must activate the licence with your key.

“ENVI-met provides us an incredibly powerful tool for looking at a series of Environmental Quality and Outdoor Thermal Comfort criteria while we are in the design process. This was unthinkable not so long ago and will revolutionize our workflows. The integration via plugins with other tools like Sketchup puts these tools at our fingertips and gives us an agile and decentralized methodology perfectly suited to the realities of work life today.”

Steven Velegnrinis, Director
Head of Masterplanning at AECOM in the Middle East

“We have been using the ENVI-met software for more than 10 years to study the impact of vegetation in urban environments. We chose ENVI-met because it is one of the few softwares that realistically simulates the most important climate processes – such as the interactions between soil, plants and atmosphere – in urban environments and thus analyzes thermal comfort in cities. ENVI-met has already contributed massively to simulation scenario modelings for São Paulo and is continuing to help us model complex scenarios, including topography, faster.”

Prof. Dr. Denise Helena Silva Duarte
Full professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, University of São Paulo, Brazil

“Werner Sobek Holding has been working with the ENVI-met simulation software since 2007. We use it for numerous projects at home and abroad, especially for construction projects with challenging climatic conditions. ENVI-met takes the interactions of wind, green spaces, solar radiation, buildings and many other factors into account – and helps us to design climate-friendly and sustainable cities.”

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr.-Ing. E. H. Dr. h. c. Werner Sobek
Werner Sobek Holding, Germany
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