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ENVI-met V4.4 is now available

Urban areas are home to millions of people who are exposed to the climatological conditions of their environment every day. To create sustainable living conditions, we help to minimize heat stress, air pollution and wind risk by providing up-to-date numerical simulation techniques.

Solar analysis

Wind flow and Turbulence

Green & blue technologies

Pollutant dispersion

and Thermal Comfort


Our vision

Passionate and driven by the desire to understand and simulate our environment as a holistic organism, we developed a microclimate simulation software that is based on objective scientific methods so that the effects of sustainable actions are measurable and evaluable.

Adapting cities for climate change


Thermal comfort is the key indicator to describe people´s subjective experience of temperature in urban open spaces.

Nature based solutions such as vegetation or water bodies can help in fighting urban heat stress and thermal discomfort.

The dynamic vegetation model analyses not only the effects of vegetation on microclimate but also tree health and damage risks due to strong winds.

The holistic approach can resolve the interactions between building physics and outdoor microclimate dynamically in both directions.