Simulate the microclimate of a city down to the square metre

ENVI-met software allows you to create sustainable living conditions in a constantly changing environment. With ENVI-met’s interactive tools you can dive into any aspect of the microclimate complex and analyse how your designs perform.

The software model is applied worldwide, from the tropics to the polar regions. With more than 3,000 independent studies, ENVI-met is the most evaluated microclimate model available, proving its capabilities to accurately simulate the outdoor microclimate for any place on the Earth.

Solar Analysis
  • Sun & shade hours
  • Glazing analysis
  • Shadow casting
  • Solar energy gain


Air Pollutant Dispersion
  • Emission and transport of particles and gases
  • Chemical reactions between NOx, Ozone and (B)VOC
  • Includes deposition on plants and surfaces
  • Integrated tools to calculate traffic emission profiles
Building Physics
  • Façade temperatures
  • Exchange processes with vegetated walls
  • Interaction of outdoor microclimate with indoor climate
  • Water and energy balance of living wall systems
Green & Blue Technologies
  • Benefits of façade & rooftop greening
  • Impact of green spaces and bodies of water
  • Simulation of living wall
  • Air cooling through water spray
Wind Flow
  • Wind patterns in complex environments
  • Wind speed around buildings and trees
  • Wind comfort
Outdoor Thermal Comfort
  • Air temperature
  • Radiant temperature of surrounding surfaces
  • Air movement in the vicinity of the body
  • Relative Humidity
  • Analysis of plant growing conditions
  • Simulation of wind stress and tree damage
  • Simulation of water usage

It is all about a green future

The ENVI-met system allows for the analysis of design impacts on the local environment, the specification of ground plane and building materials, and the usage of vegetation on walls or roofs in any thinkable configuration to help mitigate factors such as urban heat stress.

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