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About us

Passionate and driven by the desire to understand and simulate our environment as a holistic organism, we wanted to develop a climate software that works with objective scientific methods so that measurable and sustainable actions on climate change are possible. Our vision is therefore to prove the beneficial effects of green architectural designs, green & blue technologies and landscape architecture for outdoor climates all over the world.

There are many companies that will tell you that they do what we do. But the reason why the ENVI_MET software has become one of the leading simulation tools when addressing the impact of architecture and urban planning on the microclimate system, is that it is always a few years ahead of other systems, setting new standards in high-resolution climate modeling.

Moreover, as the designers of ENVI_MET, we can offer you a wide range of specialised and personalised simulation modules matching your individual design idea. This ensures that you get the best out of your design and project visions. So – besides the license sale of our software – we also work worldwide with our ENVI_MET EXPERT package for academic, civic, residential and commercial property clients.


Daniela Bruse CEO

As co-founder, partner, and chief executive officer at ENVI_MET, Daniela is responsible for providing executive leadership to the Company and managing its growth. With over 20 years of project management and leadership experience she is an expert in strategic and communication consulting.

Knowing about possible threats of negative natural or human-made impacts, she is most driven to improve the capacity of cities to resist, adapt and recover from these effects. By bridging the gap between the last scientific developments of ENVI_MET´s simulation software and the application of the software in real projects, she aims to help her clients integrating climate resilience into their strategies, processes, and activities.

Michael Bruse, Prof. Dr Director Innovations & Products

Michael Bruse contributes over 20 years of executive level experience in simulating outdoor microclimates. He is co-founder, partner and Director Innovations & Products of ENVI-MET and in this position oversees the technical output of the company whilst also taking creative lead.

Michael is main designer of the ENVI-met Software since 1993 and full professor for Geography at the University of Mainz. He incorporates innovative simulation solutions into projects, creating the best solutions for innovative architectural designs and landscape visions.


Our partners

We believe that sharing our knowledge both on a commercial and a voluntary basis is the key to truly innovative and sustainable work. We love to listen to your ideas and visions whoever and wherever you may be and take your point of view back into our labs to broaden the scope of our model and services.

In the world of today, no one is an expert in everything and there are many different facets to be seen in the same objects. Therefore, we are proud to cooperate with local and international partners in industry, education, consulting and research such as Fraunhofer Institute, AA School, Werner Sobek Group and Boku Wien to name just a few who stimulate and challenge our and their ideas for the simulation approaches of tomorrow.