Showcasing Urban Climate Projects: Inspiring Solutions for Sustainable Environments and Climate Adaption

Explore a diverse range of scenarios where ENVI-met simulations have been utilized to analyze and optimize various aspects of urban climate, microclimates, and environmental conditions. These examples showcase the practical applications of ENVI-met in the fields of architecture, urban planning, and environmental research, offering valuable insights and inspiration for your own projects.

Explore, Download and be Inspired with ENVI-met’s Project Showcases from Architects Worldwide

Discover a collection of projects developed by architects and landscape architects. Immerse yourself in the innovative designs and solutions aimed at combating climate change, adapting to its impacts, and mitigating the urban heat island effect.

Explore and Learn from ENVI-met’s Case Studies

From urban greening initiatives and climate-responsive architecture to resilient urban planning and climate adaptation measures, these case studies serve as valuable resources for architects, urban planners, researchers, and sustainability enthusiasts alike. By examining the successes, lessons learned, and best practices demonstrated in each case, you can gain practical insights and inspiration to tackle similar challenges in your own projects.

ENVI-met case studies microclimate studies

Microclimate and thermal comfort

In an exemplary study, minimally invasive climate adaptation strategies were developed to mitigate excess heat in cities.

ENVI-met case studies airpollution

Air Pollution

In an exemplary study, the relationship between different urban structures and the concentration of ozone and NO𝗑 was analyzed.

ENVI-met case studies vegetation analysis


In an exemplary study, the effects of different microclimates on tree vitality parameters were investigated.

ENVI-met case studies facade greening

Facade greening

In this exemplary study, a model area was simulated with the aim of visualizing the microclimatic changes that can be achieved by a simple application of facade greening.

ENVI-met case studies precipitation


In this exemplary study, a simple model area with one unsealed and one sealed surface was simulated with transfer of precipitation data.

ENVI-met case studies solar radiation

Solar radiation

In this exemplary study, a simulation was conducted to visualize solar radiation levels in New York City.

ENVI-met case studies wind flow

Wind flow

In this exemplary study, an urban area was simulated with different wind parameters as input factors.

Leading software for high-resolution 3D modeling of urban microclimate to analyze the impact of buildings, vegetation, etc. on the urban climate with the aim of planning climate-friendly cities and improving the quality of life in metropolitan areas - designed for professional use by architects, landscape architects, urban planners etc., as well as for research at universities.

White Streets

In this exemplary study, one of the city’s Angelino Heights neighborhoods in L.A., was simulated to determine what impact a change in surface characteristics would have on the city’s climate.