ENVI-met Plugins for SketchUp and Morpho

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Enhance Design and Sustainability with ENVI-met Plugins

The ENVI-met plugins provide users with powerful tools to delve into and analyze the #urban #environment in greater detail. With these plugins, #urban #planners and #architects can simulate and visualize a wide range of conditions, enabling them to #design c#ities that are more responsive to the environment. Additionally, the plugins offer valuable features for analyzing #energy #consumption, #air #quality, #pollution levels, and other environmental aspects. By leveraging this software, cities can be built and managed sustainably, ensuring a greener future.

Create Realistic 3D Representations with the ENVI-met Sketchup Plugin

#Sketchup is an invaluable tool for architects, providing them with a quick and easy way to illustrate their ideas in 3D. The ENVI-met plugin for Sketchup takes this capability to the next level, helping architects, scientists, and urban planners streamline their design process and create more accurate representations of their concepts. This plugin offers a comprehensive set of tools to effortlessly create models and visualize designs with realistic materials, shadows, textures, colors, and lighting. Architects can now showcase their designs to clients with precision, allowing them to fully grasp the final result before the project even begins. The Sketchup plugin also boasts features for animating, presenting, and viewing designs from various angles, enabling architects to gain a comprehensive understanding and make necessary adjustments.

Embrace Organic Shapes and Creative Freedom with the Morpho Plugin

Introducing the #Morpho plugin, an exciting addition to our lineup. This plugin empowers designers to effortlessly create dynamic forms and structures within SketchUp. With a range of innovative tools, architects can explore and unleash their creativity by incorporating complex, organic shapes. Say goodbye to standard boxy designs and embrace the beauty of natural geometries found in nature. The Morpho plugin enables architects to experiment with intricate curves and freeform shapes, providing them with the freedom to design unique and exceptional structures that were once unimaginable. Moreover, Morpho proves invaluable for projects with tight schedules, as it rapidly generates innovative concepts. When combined with Sketchup’s advanced 3D rendering capabilities, architects can visualize their projects more accurately than ever before.

Gratitude to Plugin Designer and Architect, Antonello Di Nunzio

We extend our gratitude to the talented plugin designer and architect, Antonello Di Nunzio, for his remarkable contributions to the development of these plugins. His expertise and dedication have played an instrumental role in empowering professionals to push the boundaries of design and sustainability.

Key Role in Climate Adaptation and Urban Planning

ENVI-met software plays a key role in climate adaptation by allowing the precise modeling of microclimate at a local level. With this software, one can accurately predict the temperatures, wind speeds, and air flows in urban areas, and also take into account how these conditions can be altered by the presence of buildings, vegetation, and other features. This information is invaluable for urban planners as it allows them to design cities and buildings that are better adapted to the local climate while also meeting sustainability goals. Additionally, ENVI-met also provides detailed information which can be used to assess the impact of climate change on local ecosystems and inform adaptive strategies.


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