Analysis of Urban Climate and Climate Adaptation for Sustainable Urban Development

Real-Estate holders.

Analyzing the urban microclimate during the design phase with ENVI-met can save you money by identifying potential problems and solutions before construction begins. For example, ENVI-met can be used to assess the performance of green roofs and green walls, which can help reduce the amount of energy needed for cooling and heating. This can result in significant cost savings for property owners.

Landscape-/ Architects.

We help you design buildings and urban landscapes that are more comfortable, healthier, and energy efficient. By using our software to simulate the impact of your designs, you can optimize them to reduce the effects of climate change and improve urban microclimates. This can help you create buildings and urban environments for your clients that are more comfortable, healthier, and energy efficient.


Our software is a powerful and comprehensive tool that accurately simulates the effects of the built and natural environment on urban climate. It allows you to identify potential problems and solutions related to your city’s urban microclimate, and can also help you evaluate the performance of green roofs and walls.

Key Areas of Analysis: Exploring ENVI-met’s Insights for Urban Climate and Climate Adaptation

Dive into the fascinating field of urban climate analysis and adaptation with ENVI-met. Gain valuable insights into the complex dynamics of the urban microclimate and discover strategies to address the challenges of climate change. Discover how ENVI-met can help you make informed decisions. This includes both the cost of future planning and the optimization of sustainable urban design.

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