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In the next sections you will find a wide range of different support elements that will help you make your way through the ENVI_MET model system.

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01 Getting started

ENVI_MET – How to get started: Basic overview over the Headquarter and the generel work-flow

02 Create a new work space and project

Creating an ENVI_MET workspace and your first project: How to organize projects on your computer.

03 Database Logic

Understanding the ENVI_MET Database Logic: How different database entries are compiled in your project.

04 Database Tables and Manager

Using the database manager: How to define own materials, plants and other items aswell organizing them in databases.

05 Design Spaces

First introduction into SPACES: How to design area input files defining buildings, vegetation, materials and other urban items.

06 Simulate

Simulate a project: Manage your projects, create a configuration file and start a simulation.

07 Analyse Leonardo

Visualize your model results: Analyse meteorological, building physics, vegetation vitality data and create 2D and 3D maps as well as time series.

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Discover the elements of the
urban microclimate

The local microclimate is controlled by a multitude of different man-made and natural elements forming the urban landscape. They all have their individual character and constitute in their own way to the formation of wind flows, radiation patterns or air temperature we recognise as the outdoor thermal environment.

Follow us on our interactive tour through the causal elements of the urban microclimate from different perspectives such as architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, or Human Thermal Comfort & Health.