Tutorials designed to help you master the full potential of ENVI-met software.

Whether you are a beginner eager to explore the basics or an advanced user looking to expand your knowledge, our tutorials offer step-by-step instructions and practical examples to guide you along the way.

Getting Started

A Beginner’s Guide to Kickstarting Your First Project – Simple, Step-by-Step Instructions for New Users

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V5 Essentials

Taking the Next Step – Guiding Intermediate Users Through Their First Full Project

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Visual Solutions at a Glance – Silent, Swift Guides for Specific Challenges

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V5 Explored

Developer-Driven Insights into New Features – Comprehensive Guide to Mastering the Latest Version

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V5 Mastery

Advanced Insights from the Development Lead – In-Depth Expert Lessons for Seasoned Users

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Plugin Series

Mastering QGIS, SketchUp, and Rhino/Dragonfly – Elevate Your ENVI-met Experience

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Leading software for high-resolution 3D modeling of urban microclimate to analyze the impact of buildings, vegetation, etc. on the urban climate with the aim of planning climate-friendly cities and improving the quality of life in metropolitan areas - designed for professional use by architects, landscape architects, urban planners etc., as well as for research at universities.

ENVI-met Forum: Your Gateway to Knowledge and Collaboration

Explore the ENVI-met Forum to discuss software features, urban planning, and environmental modelling. Connect with our developers for support, exchange strategies, and discover new insights.

Technical Documentation: Maximize Your ENVI-met Experience

Visit www.envi-met.info for detailed ENVI-met documentation. Find installation guides, API details, and model parameters to effectively navigate and use our software. Ideal for researchers, practitioners, and developers, this resource deepens your knowledge for urban and environmental simulations with ENVI-met.

Navigating Common Questions and Solutions

Explore the comprehensive collection of frequently asked questions, practical troubleshooting tips, and essential information to optimize your ENVI-met experience. From basic functionalities to advanced insights, this section is designed to assist you at every step.